Public Schools in Catawba County

Catawba County Schools

Catawba County Schools comprise the largest school system in the county, with 28 schools spread around the county. The school system puts a strong focus on the arts, as well as college preparation.

The system is innovative. There is also a focus on technology, and students in the system have good access to computer technology.

Hickory Public Schools

Hickory Public Schools are based in the City of Hickory. There are 10 schools in the system, including a new arts magnet school, Hickory Career Arts and Magnet School. This school is focused on Arts training, and just opened this year.

Newton-Conover City Schools

Newton Conover City Schools are based in Newton and Conover. There are 7 schools in this system, including the Newton Health and Science High School. This school focuses on Heath and Science Careers.