SALT Block

Our area is extremely lucky to house the SALT Block. The SALT Block is an educational complex housed in the heart of Hickory. It is financed and managed by the United Arts Council of Catawba County. “SALT” is an acronym for “Science, Arts and Literature Together”, and that sums up the purpose and significance of the space.

The building opened its doors in 1986, and became a huge part of the  community’s successful bid for All-America City.  Roberta Flack performed a concert at the opening, and it has been a hugely popular destination in town ever since. In fact, over two million people have walked through the doors.

There are several tenants in the building, and each is of vital importance to the area:

Hickory Museum of Art
Catawba Science Center
Western Piedmont Symphony
Patrick Beaver Library
Hickory Choral Society
United Arts Council