Education Matters

Education Matters is a partnership between Businesses, Government and Education, working together to increase the value of our region’s educational attainment.

Education Matters focuses its efforts on the Catawba County, Newton-Conover, and Hickory City Schools. The partnership has made commitments and agreed to support education in the following ways:

  • Business Commitment: Businesses of all types are encouraged to participate in the program. Businesses who decide to be involved will require that employees, ages 25 and younger, hired as of 2012 will have a minimum of a high school diploma. They will promote “Leave for Parental Involvement in Schools” to all employees, and encourage their employees to get involved in schools. They will also support opportunities that will connect students to the real world of business.
  • Educational Commitment: The schools in Catawba County have each identified a group of 100 students or more in their sophomore year to participate in the program. They will create a portfolio which includes a North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate, plus other pieces which can be used to market themselves. These include attendance records, awards or certificates, letters of recommendations and the like. The students also receive employability training with includes training on how to apply and interview for a job. CVCC will give a “Graduate Guarantee” to any business who hires a CVCC graduate.  If the employee feels the employee needs more training, CVCC will retrain the student at no additional cost.
  • Government Commitment: Local governments will provide financial support to the public schools and CVCC and as part of an economic incentive package, new businesses will be required to participate in Education matters. The county will also require adoptive or foster parents to have their high school diploma or the equivalent.