Conover, North Carolina

The history of Conover, North Carolina, began in the mid 1800’s, as a “Y” intersection of the railroads that cut across North Carolina. Originally called “Wye Town”, the name “Canova” was adopted. Several years of southern drawl transposed the name to “Conover”.

Conover operates under a council-manger form of government. The Council consists of five council members and a mayor.  Each is elected and they serve staggered 4 year terms. They are the policy making authority of Conover, and they hire the City Manager.

Newton-Conover Schools are an excellent school system based in this city. They have the highest graduation rate in the entire state.


Conover is known throughout the region for its Farmer’s Market. The market opens each year in April, and sells only locally grown foods. They are especially known for free-range eggs, lamb and mutton, free-rane beef, local wines and freshly grown vegetables.

Conover is also home to the three largest foam manufacturing plants in the country. Manufacturing has historically been very important to the city, and it continues to be today.

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In the heart of Conover is Conover Station. The historical Conover Station is being renovated and redesigned. It will be a vibrant, mixed use facility, with rich history.