Community Appearance Commission

The Community Appearance Commission (CAC) is one of the City of Hickory’s 14 advisory boards that is made up of regular citizens. Its mission is to enhance the appearance of the City of Hickory by advising on, and implementing programs of general community beautification. Members help coordinate the activities of individuals, agencies, and organizations whose plans, activities and programs bear upon the appearance of the City.

A City staff member, Cal Overby, from the Department of Planning and Development assists the Commission. The Commission meets the fourth Monday each month at 4 p.m. The commission is composed of ten members: one member from each of the six City wards, three members at-large (one of whom shall reside outside the City but within the HRPA), and one member of the Hickory Regional Planning Commission. The Commission also has one representative from the Hickory Youth Council. The term of the office is three years.

The CAC is involved in community programs like the Treasured Trees Program, which was established to identify and preserve significant trees throughout the city, as well as the Adopt a Spot program, which encourages individuals or businesses to choose a “spot” on public property that they can maintain with flowers or other appealing embellishments. The Commission also awards grants throughout the community for landscaping, improving building facades, and other projects that serve to beautify the City.

The CAC is a group of community members with the important role of helping Hickory be a city where people want to reside and where people want to set up their businesses. Keeping the neighborhoods and streets well maintained sends about message about Hickory. Appearances matter.
There are currently several vacancies on the commission and the public is invited to be a part of this essential team. Hickory’s City Clerk, Debbie Miller, can be contacted for questions or an application can be found on the City’s website at

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