Helpful Agencies in Catawba County

The Catawba Valley region has many agencies to help find the information that you need.

The Catawba Chamber of Commerce is a tremendous help to area businesses. The Chamber is the largest business organization  in Catawba County and its members pride themselves on being the “Voice of Business” in our community.

The United Arts Council of Catawba County is a local arts advocacy group. They are the primary resource to information about the region’s vibrant creative community. It is largely because of this organization that our arts community is so thriving.

Catawba County Parks and Recreation is a relatively new organization that operates three parks: Riverbend Park, Bakers Mountain Park and St. Stephens Park. The parks feature hiking trails, dog parks, wildlife habitats and bird feeding areas, among their many amenities.

The Hickory and Catawba Valley Home Builders Association is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides professional educational, regulatory and networking services to their members.  Their website is a valuable resource for introducing residents to HBA professionals.

The Tourist Development Authority is the organization that provides residents with the Hickory Metro Convention Center and the Visitors Bureau. Both of these are of vital importance to the area. The Hickory Metro Convention Center is the premier destination for conferences, meetings and events that attract visitors and businesses to the area. The Visitors Bureau is an excellent source of information for anyone considering moving to the area.

The Catawba County Economic Development Corporation strives to build a diversified economic base throughout the region. They are the best source for economic information about the county and a powerful catalyst for industrial development.

The Catawba Valley Association of Realtorsis a realtor group of 471, with an additional 50 affiliate members. The group maintains the Multiple Listing Service of Catawba Valley, Inc., which is a valuable database for its members.

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