‘Nature … In High Definition’ Opens at Hickory Museum of Art Sept. 26

Thundering InSee rare moments of beauty and symmetry in nature during the new exhibition Nature … In High Definition: Large Format Aluminum Prints by Wink Gaines Photographer, opening Saturday, Sept. 26 in the Regal and Gifford Galleries at Hickory Museum of Art, 243 Third Ave. N.E., Hickory. A reception and gallery walk with Gaines will be held 6-8 p.m. Nov. 6 at the Museum.

The photography exhibition features Audubon Magazine award-winning prints of a Great Egret, Ibis and Great Horned Owl, in addition to images of coastal birds of the Atlantic, the white horses of the Camargue region of southern France, and select wildlife of the West. For this particular collection, Gaines has printed each large-scale image on a unique metal medium, which dynamically conveys life-likeness, color, clarity and depth.

Gaines specializes in bird and wildlife photography. Her photographic specialty allows her to combine a passion for the outdoors with the creative pursuit of digitally capturing wildlife in natural habitats.

“Every time I view my subjects through the lens, I am amazed by their life force and their ability to live to the fullest in whatever environment they inhabit,” said Gaines. “Observing birds and wildlife gives me back some of the wonder and peace I lost on the road to adulthood.”

A self-taught naturalist, Gaines strives to understand the ecological association of animals and habitat. She understands the importance of all living beings and the need to conserve vital areas of habitation for wetland birds and the diverse wildlife found near her home in western North Carolina, and her favorite coastal habitats near Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Great Blue Heron ProfileAbout the Artist
Gaines is an advocate for the instructional and conservation efforts of the National Audubon Society and various North Carolina and South Carolina national wildlife refuges, where many of her photographs were taken. Audubon and Nature’s Best Photography Magazine have thrice awarded Gaines Top 100 recognition: in 2011 for her photograph of a flying Ibis, taken near Cape Lookout on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; in 2012 for her photograph of a nesting Great Egret taken near Hilton Head Island, S.C., and in 2015 for a Great Horned Owl image captured on the plains of Nebraska.

Gaines is exclusively licensed by the London firm of Felix Rosenstiel’s Widow and Sons, LLC, to produce fine art and décor images for worldwide distribution.

A former journalist, Gaines has a Master’s Degree in British Literature with a minor in Journalism from the University of North Carolina. She is also the founder and principal photographer for The Rara Avis Collection, featuring her fine art wildlife and nature photographs dynamically reproduced on aluminum for design and décor. Gaines and her husband, Dennis, reside near Hickory, where they have been life-long residents.

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