For many decades and throughout the country, the name “Hickory” was synonymous with “Furniture”. While our economy has greatly diversified over the years, if a piece of furniture says “Made in America”, there is a great chance that it was built entirely or in part in our county.

The Catawba County region is to this day a manufacturing hub, and our history is steeped in hand crafted, excellent furniture. The oldest still operating furniture company is in Hickory, as are many national brands. A diverse and rich industry has been built around furniture, encompassing the following areas:

  • Manufacturing-many companies in our region manufacture furniture. These include many of the nation’s most prestigious brands.
  • Design-with many furniture companies located in close proximity, our region has more than its fair share of excellent and cutting edge designers.
  • Upholstery-from beautiful tapestries historically created in Valdese, to the many weavers working across the region, much fabric is created here.
  • Retail-the Hickory Furniture Mart is the largest furniture complex in the nation, and features 100 factory outlets, stores and galleries, selling more than 1000 well-known furniture lines.
  • Marketing-our region has a strong arts community, which supports the creative marketers that the furniture industry needs.  Many of the national brands based here use local talent to market their brands.
  • Discount Sales-there are many opportunities for shoppers to save money on furniture by shopping in Hickory and Lenoir. A multitude of discount stores  pepper the region.

For many locals, the furniture industry has shaped their whole lives. These 3 sisters, who work at Our House Designs, have worked in various industry jobs their entire careers. Their father and mother before them, as well as aunts and uncles, all carved their livelihoods  from the same hickory wood they turned into heirloom quality furniture.  These sisters count themselves very fortunate to work together for a company that prides themselves on keeping jobs in America, and our region.

Hickory’s local economy, while much more diverse than ever before, will always be benefited by our rich furniture heritage.