Where We’re Going

Our region is focused on job creation, and on diversifying our economy. We are also focused on remaining an enjoyable place to live. New businesses, including entertainment industries, are continuously moving to town, ensuring that residents will have new and exciting ways to spend their time.

Our area will continue to be focused on the arts. With the state’s second oldest art museum, several community theatres, a symphony, a choral society, and many arts education opportunities, it is easy for residents to be immersed in culture.

More and more shopping centers and large store chains are moving to the area. At the same time, new locally owned shops continue to open. Our region supports this growth, and our economy is growing stronger.

The Appalachian State University Greater Hickory Partnership provides the Hickory Metro with unparalleled economic development opportunities, ensuring our continuing growth. Not only does the Center allow the County to promise to recruit and retain industry, it offers students and workers access to groundbreaking new educational experiences.

You can learn much more about the area’s future growth by visiting the Catawba County Economic Development Corporation or the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce.