Parks and Recreation Commission

July is Parks and Recreation month, so it is only appropriate to highlight the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission.  This 12-member citizen commission is responsible for advising the Parks and Recreation Department in the operation of recreational facilities and activities for all age groups and strives to enhance the quality of life at a cost that is the most economical for the city of Hickory. The commission provides input on a wide range of community recreational needs including programming, facilities, and maintenance.

The commission meets once a month and discusses a wide-range of recreational topics.  Recently, they discussed the City’s mobile food vendor policy, which allows food trucks to operate in some parks.  The Commission discussed the policy, asked questions, offered some amendments, which staff used to update the policy, and then ultimately forwarded the policy to City Council for their final approval.

They also recently took it upon themselves to submit a grant application to Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina to fund the construction of a Chimney Swift Tower in Civitan Park.  The tower serves as a nesting site and shelter to Chimney Swifts, a type of bird.  Since many chimneys have been capped, the nesting and roosting locations for Chimney Swifts have been diminished.  Not only did the commission work on this project to help the birds, they also added a nice amenity for bird watchers at Civitan Park.

Parks and Recreation is an integral part of making an attractive city with a high quality of life.  The work of the Parks and Recreation Commission is invaluable and their service is appreciated.  For information on how to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission or any of the City’s boards and commissions, visit or call (828) 323-7412.

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