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Local leader Alan Jackson, of Jackson Group Interactive, noticed one day that he no longer flipped through the television channels, or scanned radio stations. Increasingly, he has chosen his own entertainment venues, through Apple TV, Podcasts, Netflix, and the internet in general. This got him thinking, and when Alan Jackson starts thinking, things start happening.

Alan had several ideas for shows, and as he started talking to his coworkers about those ideas, they brought more ideas to the table. Before long, Alan Jackson, Mary-Margaret Baker and Chris Frye could think of nothing other than shows they could produce. After some heavy-duty brainstorming sessions, and some logistical thinking, The MESH was born.

The MESH is a new media network of online programming. Alan and his crew have created many shows, pulling from local talent. The shows air each month, and can be listened to online or downloaded.

Locals were quickly impressed with The MESH, but it became clear that it would be quite successful a mere 4 months after it was created. Apple’s iTunes listed The MESH as a “Featured Podcast Provider”, which immediately and enormously broadened its audience. Worldwide, people are exposed to The MESH‘s content as they use iTunes on a daily basis alongside such organizations as CNN, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and Bloomberg News.

“We’re very excited to be working with Apple on providing new content for their iTunes Store” says MESH Director Mary Margaret Baker. “iTunes is one of the largest international online stores for music, movies, and books, so it’s nice knowing that all of the content we are producing here in Western North Carolina will be featured on their store and available to all of their visitors.”

Alan, Executive Producer of The MESH, says the team is happy with the initial results and feedback on the network. “We’ve had a very successful start to our network, with high download numbers and great visibility even after just a few months of operation. But what’s really been exciting is the feedback we have received; many people are connecting with the programming we are producing, and we have received many ‘thank you’ letters and ideas for future shows.”

The majority of the shows are recorded and produced in the Jackson Group Interactive offices, which contains a specially built “MESH Studio”. The shows feature local personalities and professionals discussing topics of interests to them or connected to their area of expertise. The shows are generally discussion-based, with many of them unscripted and allowed to go in-depth on particular topics. There is a broad range of shows, including:

  • CAHPS Cast
  • Free Range Chicken Thinking
  • Leadership GPS
  • Stepping Up Service
  • Education Matters
  • Storytime Station
  • The Parent Trip
  • Behind Smoke and Mirrors
  • Chick Chat
  • Footcandle Films
  • I’m With the Band
  • Travels with Jeff
  • People You Should Know
  • Bleeding Blue
  • The Fantasy Formula
  • New Stuff

The MESH is currently running an exciting contest, which will provide the winner with an iPad. Find out more here. All of the shows are currently seeking sponsorships, and you can help!

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