Catawba County Chamber of Commerce

The Catawba County Chamber of Commerce is the county’s largest business organization. It is an association of businesses that exists to help its members succeed. As one of the area’s most powerful and active organizations, the Chamber has a positive influence on both the business climate and the quality of life in our community.

They pride themselves on being the “Voice of Business” in our community, and its 900+ members agree. Its staff is committed to creating one of the most respected and visionary Chambers in the country.  The Chamber continuously advocates for the area businesses at the local, state and national level and ensures that local governments keep the process of owning a business as fair and simple as possible.

In 2012, the Chamber’s primary focus is  to recognize and provide incentives to make small business the economic engine for job growth in Catawba County. To achieve this objective, the Chamber’s Entrepreneur Round Table Group meets regularly to:

  • Brainstorm growth strategies for local businesses.
  • Develop a culture of creativity and innovation within the business community.
  • Identify and reward new start-ups that have developed new and innovative products or services.
  • Helps foster mentor relationships among business owners.

As a member-oriented group, the Chamber strives to provide their members with a plethora of special events, services and programs that are designed to help create new relationships, which often turn into new sales channels. This strategy reduces business expenses, and gives members access to influential business leaders and advantageous networking opportunities.

The Chamber recently developed Catawba County’s  Economic  Stability Plan, a cooperative partnership with local businesses, education and government. Its priorities include:

  • Creating jobs at all levels
  • Education and workforce preparedness
  • Catawba County Branding and Marketing

Visit the Chamber’s site to learn more about its goal of helping our community become the most entrepreneurial-friendly community in America.