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Alex Lee, Inc.

The Alex Lee Family of Companies consists of Merchant Distributors, Inc. (MDI) and Lowe’s Food Stores Inc. This company is an economic pillar in Hickory, and supports the community in many ways. “Our company was founded in Hickory over 80 years ago and as the community has grown and prospered so have our company and many others.” Boyd L. George, Chairman & CEO, Alex Lee, Inc. Moses George and his sons purchased a small grocery supply store in 1931. It grew rapidly under the direction of Moses and his sons for the next half century. In 1984, MDI acquired Lowes Food Stores, which had been a customer. This formed the Alex Lee Family, which has now grown into large-scale grocery company that hires almost 2,000 people in Hickory alone. Founder Moses George had the philosophy that: “If your customers are successful and your suppliers are successful, then you will be successful.”

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