Fiber Optic Cables

40%-60% of the world’s fiber optic cable are produced in our region. Three main companies are responsible for this statistic.

Corning Cable Systems employ over 1,000 people in the region. They produce cables on a large-scale, and are one of only 9 companies in the state to be named an Environmental Steward by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NC DENR).

Commscope’s headquarters are in Hickory, and they have several manufacturing plants in the area. Their Catawba plant is the largest coaxial cable manufacturing plant in the world, and they employ over 1,000 people in the area.

The third cable manufacturer in the region is Draka Communications. Draka is one of the world’s largest cable manufacturers, with over 100 years of experience, and their plant is located in Claremont. They employ around 430 people in our area, including Kirk Shook, pictured above.

Cables have been manufactured in Catawba County since 1953, when Superior Cable Company opened its plant. Since then, the region has been the leading manufacturer of cables in the country.

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