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O My Soap is a thriving small business in Newton, North Carolina. They are a family run cottage operation, celebrating 10 years of a business they love. The three employees at O My Soap are happy to work each day, and their product line is a result of their passion for their jobs.  O My Soap sells natural, handmade cold-processed soaps, shea butter products, lip balms, heat therapy pillows and a variety of other products. They have an extremely loyal customer base, who return to the Farmer’s Markets year after year to purchase their products.

Handmade soaps have always been known for their effective cleaning power but recent scientific studies have shown the benefits of handmade soap to be incredible. It’s always been speculated that handmade soap has built-in healing properties. People suffering from skin disorders like eczema, or very sensitive skin, have found relief through the use of handmade soap. Compared to the mass-produced soaps in the store, handmade soaps are much more mild and skin friendly. The major difference between factory soap and handmade soap is the amount of glycerin. Glycerin has natural moisturizing abilities and is typically stripped from commercial soap and put into lotions. That stripped glycerin is then replaced by synthetic, irritating chemicals. O My Soap sells soap that is extremely nourishing to the skin, and natural fragrance oils provide a longer lasting pleasant scent.

O My Soap offers over 30 different types of soap, each with a different scent, and many with different ingredients. For instance, their Papaya de Savon soap is made from papaya and banana, silk, olive oil, shea butter and many other nourishing ingredients, which give it not only a lovely scent, but also a creamy texture you won’ t find in most soaps. The ingredients for  all products are listed on the company’s site, as well as on individual packages. In addition to soap, O My Soap sells many other skin products. Their Nana’s Home Remedy Salve is a popular seller, and customers rave about its ability to heal skin. In fact, customers rave about nearly every item O My Soap sells, and a quick glance at their testimonials page can be overwhelming. Loyal customer Carmen Eckard says “I’m a bit obsessed with your products, and I use several each day. It makes me smile how often people tell me I smell good…I always tell them why.” O My Soap’s loyal customer base has grown over the years. They don’t advertise in traditional media, and contribute their growth to word of mouth from happy customers.

O My Soap is family owned and operated by Dorothy and Jim Samson and their daughter Jennifer Toney. Dorothy made her first bar of soap over 10 years ago, and has been fascinated by the process ever since. There are many things about the job that the family finds quite rewarding. Dorothy finds working with her family to be quite a blessing. Her husband Jim has worked with her full-time since May, and after 43 years of marriage, they make a great team. She also loves being able to handcraft items that so many people enjoy. She says it is very satisfying to hear how people are helped by her creations.

Daughter Jennifer also loves working at O My Soap. She manages the website, but she is also the creative mind behind the company’s packaging. Each and every item sold at O My Soap has original, hand drawn art on the label. Creating these labels is her favorite part of the job, and her art really makes their products stand out in a crowd. She also says that being in a family business, and making handmade products has given her a great appreciation for other artists and craftsmen-it has made her much more likely to buy handmade items.

O My Soap is celebrating their 10 year Anniversary, and they are having 2 promotions to celebrate. The first is called “Soap for Hope”. $1 from the sale of each bar of soap goes to New Vision Ministries in Haiti. Each month they will feature a different bar of soap. Currently, 50% of Haitian children never go to school. It costs $200 to change that for one child, and they are striving to help several children over the course of the season.  The second promotion is a soap contest for all customers at the Farmers Markets, online, or at their shop. Each bar of soap purchased offers a chance to win free soap for a year. That includes 2 bars of soap a month for an entire year. There will be 10 winners, all of whom will smell great.

You can purchase O My Soap products at several locations:

You can visit O My Soap‘s Facebook page to stay updated about new product releases or product locations. You can also sign up for their Newsletter and Coupons here or read their blog.

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